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More IT conducts online researches as well as the researches on market/economy, social and political fields. It develops customised qualitative and quantitative research models for business partners with its expert team with experience for over 15 years in research sector. 

In the scope of market and consumer research, we carry out brand awareness and image studies, target audience analysis, customer profile and satisfaction studies, market share surveys, corporate reputation studies, benchmarking/competitor analysis, media usage and advertisement efficiency studies. 

Regarding the social researches, studies are performed on social structure/change/mobility/classes/trends, life style analysis, migration and its impacts, habits, attitudes and behaviours, childhood, youth, woman and family studies in different areas such as     society, education, culture. 

Concerning the political and local administration researches; behaviours, choices and tendencies of the voters, candidate researches, political discourse analysis, campaign activities, evaluation of leader and political party reputation, municipality satisfaction and agenda studies are performed.

We are conducting the studies for identifying the samples, field/survey applications, data input by editing-coding and checking, analysis, reporting and presentation process of the researches.